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  • Inspired by the beauty of natural timber, Hurford Flooring’s latest collection Supacore has been precisely created by a team of interior experts.


    Each design has been thoughtfully developed to appeal exclusively to the New Zealand market, with beautiful grain structures, warmth of colour and attention to detail.

    MetroFlor Hybrid Laminate Flooring

    1 Square meter


    Micro Bevel Edges: Micro bevel edges create a small V-shape between each board for an authentic look.

    ​Core: Limestone composite core board with up to 75% limestone powder. Resulting in a stable core that has minimal expansion and contraction.

    ​6.5mm Thickness: Each product is 6.5mm thick, providing extra soft and warm cushioning underfoot. 5mm plank + 1.5mm IXPE backing = 6.5mm overall.



    Matte Finish: Boards with a matte finish reflect the natural look and feel of timber.

    Woodgrain: Boards have an authentic timber woodgrain look.

    Wear Layer: A 0.55mm wear layer protects the surface of your vinyl plank flooring from everyday wear and tear.

    Waterproof: Continue the timber look through your living zones and wet areas including bathrooms and laundries. Supacore can be wet mopped.



    ​Dimensional stability: ≤ 0.04mm
    Abrasion rating: Group T
    Residual indentation: ≤ 0.03mm
    Impact sound reduction: IIC = 54
    Light fastness: ≥ 6
    Fire classification: Available on Request
    Slip resistance: Available on
    Request Residential Warranty: 25 Years*
    Light Commercial Warranty: 10 Years*

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